Christenings and baptisms are the same thing, and we love doing them. You and your family and friends will be very welcome.

We shouldn't have to say this, but just in case you are wondering, single parents and same sex couples are very welcome to bring their children for baptism - we welcome everyone!

We baptise during our main Sunday services at 10.30 am, because the point is to welcome the person being baptised into the family of the church. Very occasionally there might be a good reason for a private baptism. 

Baptisms should ideally take place in the local church of the person being baptised, but we are also happy to baptise people who do not live in the village but who have strong local or family connections to St Andrew's.

There is no charge for baptisms. You can make a donation to the church here if you like, and any donations, large or small, are greatly appreciated. 

There is a really good website about christenings in the Church of England here.

For more information, please contact please contact us here.

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