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Introducing the Link

Since 1981, St Andrew’s Church, Stapleford has maintained a continuous and active link with the Anglican parish of St Andrew in Nachingwea.  The aim of this link and co-operation is to raise funds to support a wide range of projects in Nachingwea on a shared cost basis, money raised in the UK being partly matched by funds raised locally in Nachingwea, or by local practical input.

Nachingwea is in southern Tanzania, about 600 kilometres from Dar es Salaam and near the Mozambique border. It was the terminus of a railway built for the infamous and ill-fated Tanganyika groundnut scheme.

It is also the site of the tomb of Judy the Dog - the first dog to be given prisoner of war status and recipient of the Dickin Medal. 

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Wonderful singing from St Andrew's, Nachingwea

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