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English course students

Activities are divided between Agriculture and Technical, Church, Education, Fundraising and Medical. In each area parallel committees in both parishes decide actions and oversee results. While resources are inevitably limited, it has been possible to support a wide range of projects, usually on a shared cost basis: money from the UK being partly matched by funds raised locally in Nachingwea. Audit and reporting systems have been developed to ensure effective use of funds and to measure results.

The aim of all projects has been to improve the quality of life in Nachingwea, bearing in mind not only available resources, but the sustainability of any activity. While not all projects have been successful, both communities have learned, and continue to learn, the art of collaborative development.

A leaflet on recent work of the Link is available here.

The following are examples of past and current projects. 

Agricultural and Technical

  • Rainwater tank construction
  • Corn grinding equipment supply
  • Cashew crop fungicide sprayers
  • Motorbike and bicycles supplied for parish visiting
  • Solar oven supply
  • Sewing machines for clergy wives
  • Seed supply to cope with crop failure
  • Supply of pigs and enclosures to establish an ongoing source of income
  • Strategic study of sustainable agricultural approaches for Nachingwea (a major project involving a demonstrator farm to cope with climate change is in development)


  • Support for the priest-in-charge
  • Books and cards for children in the Sunday School
  • Support for retired clergy
  • Support for training for women’s ministry
  • Support for clergy further education
  • Developments on the Church site


The Education Committee raises funds principally but not exclusively for girls’ and women’s education.  Money has been used to:

  • Support further education and vocational courses (ongoing project) as we can’t often afford the costs of University education
  • Organise Teacher exchanges (ongoing project)

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  • Supply Mentoring in English for 40 primary students transferring to secondary schools where their lessons and exams will be conducted in English, whereas primary school education was in Swahili
  • Supply dictionaries for use on the English course and then loaned to Nambambo Secondary School library
  • Develop and equip two secondary school libraries
  • Provide equipment and uniforms for a special needs class
  • A future project is to sponsor courses for primary teachers


The Link operates as a sub-committee of the PCC of St Andrew’s, Stapleford, and under its auspices, and is eligible for Gift Aid. Current turnover is around £11,000 per annum. Funds are generated by:

  • A regular giving scheme
  • Collections at Church
  • Donations from the PCC
  • Open gardens and village events
  • A Christmas Fair


  • Organisation of elective visits by UK medical students.
  • Schistosomiasis elimination programme to protect children.Link Dec 3
  • Mosquito netting.
  • Autoclave spares, supply of operating table, refrigeration and lighting.
  • Training for traditional birth attendants.
  • HIV/AIDS awareness training.
  • Digital blood pressure monitors and thermometers.
  • Emergency electricity generator for Nachingwea Hospital.
  • Oxygen concentrator for Neonatal unit.
  • Dental tools for Hospital dentist.
  • Cots, infant suction machine,resuscitation bag and masks for Neonatal unit.
  • Eclamptic bed for Maternity unit.