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St Andrew's is a Fairtrade Church

Thank you for buying Fairtrade

nature-3130702 1920Next time you have a cuppa, make sure it's a Fairtrade cuppa! That's because every time you brew up using Fairtrade tea, you help farmers in the Global South. In 2020 you helped Traidcraft PLC generate £23,900 in Fairtrade Premium, most of which raised through the sale of tea. Your support means farmers and workers have a lifeline during crises like the Covid-19 pandemic. Find out more.

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Traidcraft Exchange Annual Report 2019/20

Looking for inspiration for food, homeware and gifts? Visit the Traidcraft online shop and browse through their fantastic Autumn catalogue.

STAPLEFORD/SHELFORD HOME DELIVERIES DURING LOCKDOWN: We can deliver locally to your home, observing the required social distancing / face covering guidance. Please click the links to download an order form showing current items in stock (as of October 2021) which we can deliver now. Contact details are also on the forms.

Traidcraft Catalogue 2021'Make the Switch' - read about Traidcraft's history and vision, and browse through their catalogue of teas, coffees, chocolate and gifts.

For at least 20 years St Andrew's has supported Traidcraft, a leading dedicated fair trade company in the UK and worldwide. Traidcraft sources a wide range of fair trade, ethical and sustainable goods from fair trade suppliers in more than 30 developing countries. These include foods, drinks, home and garden products, eco cleaning and laundry goods, gifts, greetings cards, crafts and clothing - all available from your local Church! 
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Where and when?

At St Andrew's we sell a range of Traidcraft products - including coffee, tea, chocolate, biscuits, rice, pasta, nuts, sugar, kitchen and loo rolls, cleaning products, small gifts and bamboo socks (pictured below) - after our 10.30 am services about once a month.
Where do the profits from sales go?
The profits have been put towards the education of girls in Tanzania through our Nachingwea Link and continue to support projects there. In addition, donations are made to support Traidcraft Exchange projects with occasional donations to the Jubilee Debt Campaign.

You can browse the Traidcraft catalogue here. The latest stocklist (January 2021) is now available. To download and place your order, click here. For more information contact Romie Ridley at or on 01223 842922

Handmade Embroidered Cards

The St Andrew's Traidcraft stall also sells beautiful hand-embroidered cards made by some of the poorest village women in North-East Pakistan, who are involved in a pioneering project originally set up by a committed young woman from the nearby city of Abbottabad.

The project teaches the women skills to enable them to support their families, alongside basic literacy and numeracy for them and their children.

As each one is handmade, the cards are a beautiful and unique way for you to connect with friends and family.
Embroidered cardsPakistani-women-sewing

Charity donations

Struggling to find that present which is just a bit different? Why not consider making a charity donation gift. From just £5, you buy a charity gift card, and 100% of your donation goes towards a Traidcraft-supported project in some of the world's poorest communities.

Sustainable Palm Oil

oil-palm-287899 1280We're more than ever aware of the environmental damage caused by unsustainable palm oil - but what exactly is it and what can we as consumers do about it?

Find out everything you need to know about sustainable palm oil here on the Traidcraft website.

About Traidcraft

You can read more about the history of Traidcraft here

The 2019/20 Annual Report highlights some of Traidcraft's success stories - including Bangladeshi women working in the jute sector, who have seen their income rise with support from Traidcraft iniatives.

Since it was founded in 1979, Traidcraft has led the way in proving that fair trade could work professionally. It started by importing goods from artisans and growers and distributing them directly to shoppers in the UK, cutting out the middlemen. They were all partners – working together to show trade could be different, and could be fair. Fair trade was no longer about aid; it was a collaborative process of learning and trading simultaneously. From the church stalls and markets the original team sold through, to independent shops and a website, Traidcraft has continued to grow.

In 1992, Traidcraft co-founded the Fairtrade Foundation, and helped establish the standards that underpin today’s well-recognised Fairtrade Mark. Over the past 40 years, Traidcraft has pioneered the first fair trade chocolate, coffee, tea, fruit juice, wine, rice, honey, charcoal, rubber, palm oil and more. Almost everything we know today as fair trade began with Traidcraft.

In 1986 Traidcraft set up their sister charity Traidcraft Exchange.  It exists to fight against injustice in trade, working with governments, businesses and international institutions to promote fair practices. You can read about some of its campaigns here

With the fall in the pound and other market factors, Traidcraft almost ended trading in late 2018. This would have been a huge blow for its many producers whose lives and communities have been transformed by the partnership. By cutting its team and reducing its number of suppliers Traidcraft has managed to continue and look set to flourish. 

The leaders of Traidcraft now realise that the goods and their production also need to be ecologically sustainable. They continue to fight trade, social and environmental injustices in order to make the world more equitable and sustainable.