Useful Local Links 

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Perhaps start by taking a 'Lifestyle Audit'. Arocha's info on how to audit your lifestyle can be accessed here


Cambridge Organic Food Company

We deliver veg boxes to homes in and around Cambridge. Our boxes are packed with lovely, fresh organic produce sourced from local farms. We believe you should only get the fruit and veg you love, so we let you decide how much control you want over the produce you get. Click here

Great Shelford Country Market
Open every Wednesday from 8.30 to 11.30 am in Gt Shelford Memorial Hall, Woollards Lane

We are a co-operative social enterprise affiliated to National Country Markets Ltd. You will always find a welcome to browse around the market stalls and see our produce. Everything we offer is good quality home-made or home-grown or hand-crafted produce. Click here.

Organic Health (Hauxton)

Open only THURS, FRI & SAT 9.30 am - 5 pm. 87 Church Road, Hauxton, Cambridge, CB22 5HS

We are a specialist organic and special diet food shop. Our large barn is packed with thousands of products including one of the largest ranges in the country of organic, gluten free, wheat free, dairy free etc foods. We also have local fruit and veg, honey, flour, ice cream, chocolates, cakes, juices, preserves, cereal etc as well as a wide range of organic meat. We sell cobs local organic bread range, Ecover refill systems and British toiletries and cleaning products. Click here

Full Circle
Cambridge Market from Thursday to Monday (10:00 am - 4:00 pm)

Full Circle has one core aim; to help you help the planet. We take great care to source products that will help you tread more lightly on this beautiful pale blue dot. Our product ranges include items that are plastic free, reusable, sustainable, ethical and free from animal products. Click here


What goes in what bin?
Find out what you should put in what bin in Cambridgeshire. Click here

Crisp Packets
Save your crisp packets and recycle them at nearby locations such as Cherry Hinton, Shire Hall and Haslingfield. Click here for details.

Toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes
You can recycle your toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes etc really close by at Organic Health (Hauxton)
Open only THURS,FRI & SAT 9.30am - 5pm. 87 Church Road, Hauxton, Cambridge, CB22 5HS

Chocolate Wrappers
Save your confectionery packaging (chocolate wrappers etc) and recycle them at nearby locations such as Milton, Girton and Burwell. Click here for details.

Petfood Packets
Save your pet food wrappers and recycle them at nearby locations such as Bury St Edmunds, Bedford and March. Click here for details. There are not many any closer but you could always volunteer to set one up.

There are quite a few terracycle schemes for these sorts of products. Check out terracycle to see more.


Liftshare: Sick of expensive travel? Car share for less with Liftshare, the UK's biggest car sharing community. Click here to see how.


Local Second-hand Shops
Its best to buy second hand clothing where you can so here are some local charity shops.

Arthur Rank Charity Shop. The nearest one is on Woollards Lane, Great Shelford but there are others nearby. Click here to see list.

Oxfam. Morley's Place, Sawston. but there are others nearby. Click here to see list.

The Children's Society. 41 High Street, Sawston. 

Lollipop. Second hand clothes and toys book shop in Fulbourn for children 0-12yr. Click here

Organic and Ethical Clothing Companies

Rapanui: Click here

Cleaning Products

Available in most supermarkets:
Bio D

Feminine Products

Mooncup: click here
Organicup: click here
Tulipcup: click here
Lunette cup: click here
Kind cup: click here
Lily cup: click here

Modibodi Pants: Click here
Thinx Pants: Click here
Flux Pants: Click here
Tulip Pants: Click here
Wuka Pants: Click here

Re-usable pads
Cheeky Wipes: Click here
Earth bits: Click here
Bloomandnora: Click here
EcoRainbow: Click here