Vision for St Andrew's 

Community Questionnaire

The congregation and Parochial Church Council proposes a vision for the church buildings:

  1. a place where everyone feels welcome and people meet God, grow in faith, pray and worship: love and forgiveness should shine through the design, atmosphere, activities, people and relationships
  2. safe and easily accessible for all ages and abilities, with good support for differently abled people e.g. people with difficulty moving, seeing, hearing, or reading
  3. a good place to be: comfortable seats, good refreshment facilities and toilets, clean and tidy, uncluttered, flexible and well equipped for all its different uses, good music facilities
  4. grounded and connected to the things that matter to people: from big life events to daily struggles at all stages of people’s lives
  5. flexible enough to provide activities for everyone in the community
  6. attractive to people who have yet to come in: by what they hear, see and read
  7. a distinctive, sustainable (Eco Church) and beautiful place to meet that celebrates its history, and enhances life today and for future generations
Please tell us what you think by answering below by the end of February 2020:

Which of the statements above do you agree with strongly?

Which of the statements above do you have concerns about?

Is there anything missing that you think is important?

Do you have any other comments?

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