Future Vision for St Andrew's Church

church at sunrise - cropped
A request for guidance from the people of Stapleford

St Andrew’s is a fine church building. We want to keep it at the heart of our community and being used by the community 10, 20, even 50 years into the future. We have a beautiful building and want to adapt it for modern use in a sustainable way. 

A good starting point is a vision for what sort of church Stapleford wants St Andrew’s to be. How will people see it, experience it, enjoy it and benefit from it? We would like to hear from you about this now. Once we are clear about that, we will gather views on what sort of buildings and facilities we will need.

If you would like to contribute please either fill in the online form here, or you can download a questionnaire here, complete it and return it to admin@standrewstapleford.org or post it to The Vicarage, 43 Mingle Lane, Stapleford, CB22 5SY. 

Please reply by the end of February 2020.

Thank you!