Deanery Synod Representative 

SynodRep photo - cropped 

The Deanery Synod is like a district council for the Church of England - the layer of government above our own Church Council (PCC). The Deanery Synod meets a few times a year, and it has a Standing Committee which does the same. 

St Andrew's has two elected representatives on the Deanery Synod. At the moment those representatives are Rob Needle and Lizzie Taylor.

The next elections are in April 2020. St Andrew's will need at least one new representative. Could that be you?

This is really important to St Andrew's. In the next couple of years the Deanery Synod will be setting how much we pay into central church funds, and making a new Deanery Pastoral Plan which will specify whether or not we continue to have a priest in Stapleford. We need a sensible voice in those debates. Ideally one of our representatives should be willing to go on the Standing Committee of the Synod in order to be at the heart of the discussions.

Please contact our parish priest Simon Taylor if this might be for you. His contact details are here